Christian Television Programs

Animal Rescue Eight time Emmy-nominated “Animal Rescue” is a weekly half-hour television series showcasing the heroic efforts of people helping animals. Host Alex Paen and “Animal Rescue” cameras travel around the world capturing these dramatic rescues.

Aqua Kids Aqua Kids motivates today’s youth to take an active role in protecting and preserving our marine environments. This generation, like none other in history, has both the responsibility and the resources to leave the legacy of a healthier, more sustainable planet.

Aspiring Women Aspiring Women is an Emmy award winning TLN original program that features captivating stories, honest talk and practical insights on the common, challenging issues women face. Through on-location features, dramatic storytelling and lively interviews, Aspiring Women gives viewers something to think about, talk about and share with others.

At Home with Arlene You’ll love Arlene’s delightful mix of delicious, easy-to-do recipes, helpful cooking hints, homemaking tips, celebrity chefs, and personal warmth.

BibleInteract Presents BibleInteract is unprecedented in its approach to opening and setting forth the Scriptures in a way that leads to dialogue in community and encourages personal investigation of Scripture. BI fills the gap between church (doctrine and devotion) and the academy (historical-critical analysis).

Born to be Free Learn Christ-centered principles that will help people find freedom from life-controlling issues that can become addictions. Whether struggling with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, gambling, overeating, dieting, arrogance, selfishness, low self-esteem, or some other compulsion, this series will help people discover that they were born to be free.

The Brody File Newsmakers. Faith. Schtick. We break news with exclusive scoops. The mainstream media follows. WE ARE THE BRODY FILE.

CBN Newswatch Bringing you the latest national and international news from a team of journalists dedicated to timely, in-depth, truthful reporting and analysis.

Christian World News Christian World News is a half-hour weekly news program devoted to the work of the Holy Spirit around the globe. Produced by CBN News, this award-winning newscast airs at various times in the United States and around the world.

Christiano Film Presents A weekly opportunity to see one of the many Christ-centered films produced by the Christiano Brothers.

The Connection with Skip Heitzig The Connection helps equip believers to live according to God’s principles. These broadcasts are aired worldwide and follow Calvary’s mission of upreach to our Heavenly Father, inreach to those already in the body of Christ, and outreach to those lost in sin.

Creation Our role is to support the church in proclaiming the truth of the Bible and thus its Gospel message. We provide real-world answers to the most-asked questions in the vital area of creation/evolution, where the Bible is most under attack today—Genesis.

Crosstalk Host, Dr. Randy Weiss, is a Jewish believer in Jesus. Tune in weekly to enjoy teaching, humor, singing, and sharing from a Jewish man’s perspective. Randy teaches about the Jewish origins of the Christian faith and helps the Church be sensitized to Jewish issues. He is committed to biblical clarity, historical accuracy, and creative techniques for presenting the Gospel message to the mass media.

Dare to Be With so many pointless shows on “regular” television these days, there are very few shows that concerned parents can feel comfortable letting their children watch without worrying about what type of influence the show will have on them. Dare to Be was designed to fill that gap and provide wholesome Christian programming that strives to lead children (and parents) to the Lord, and teach them the value of his Word.

Day of Discovery Day of Discovery is taped on location in the United States and around the world, including many programs filmed in Israel and the Middle East. The documentary-style program covers a diverse range of relevant and thought-provoking topics.

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop A 30 minute television series like you’ve never seen before. It’s fun. . . It’s colorful. . . It’s magical. . . It’s musical. . . It’s educational. . . It teaches values and celebrates faith. . . And it does all that in three languages at once! Introducing Dr. Wonder’s Workshop – the first Christian television series ever produced where everyone uses American Sign Language!

The Drive TheDrivetv is a reality TV series that documents the journey of a group of young men as they embark on an extended road trip across the United States. Along the way, the guys visit historical landmarks and well-known tourist attractions, experience thrilling adventures and tests of endurance, and meet unique individuals who touch their lives through their inspirational stories of faith. Throughout their travels, the guys always bring it back to one central theme: teaching young people about God’s grace in their lives and addressing relevant issues in a redemptive way.

First Century Foundations Educating church congregations, organizations, and individuals about Israel today, while examining the Hebraic roots of Christianity through a biblically-based perspective on our Christian faith in the context of First Century Jewish understanding and culture.

Fresh Life TV Levi Lusko is the Pastor of Fresh Life Church, a multi-site church in Montana. His teaching style is real, relevant, and raw.

From Aardvark to Zucchini Get ready to thank the Lord from A to Z in this prayer-packed program of songs, stories and rhymes. An aardvark host leads the way through all 26 episodes, each highlighting a different letter of the alphabet.

Gaither Homecoming It’s a must-see celebration featuring artists you don’t want to miss. It will leave you encouraged, grateful and most certainly smiling!
God Answers Prayer Hosted By Linda Cobb and Ted Gonzales, God Answers Prayer is a mix of noted speakers, artists, best-selling authors, and everyday people. All have experienced life’s real tragedies and have triumphant testimonies of how God has answered prayer in their lives.

Gospel Time with Young at Heart A group of 130 Albuquerque senior citizens have found a way to keep busy – all year long and all around the country. They sing in the Young at Heart Choir.

Great American Gospel Great American Gospel brings an independent, high quality weekly Gospel Music program back to major television networks and Christian networks, and is one the most successful international music programs playing on television.

Hispanic College Quiz The purpose of the Hispanic College Quiz is to encourage the appreciation of Hispanic/Latino heritage by all people, through an entertaining quiz show format. The series is designed to generate a high level of excitement and enthusiasm by featuring Hispanic college students from around the country in a healthy competition that showcases their knowledge and skills relative to Hispanic culture and history. Our objective is to produce a television series that will show people of all backgrounds and ages, Hispanic individuals who have made valuable contributions to the United States and the world in many fields.

Hoffmantown 30 minute teaching program from Hoffmantown Church in Albuquerque.

IFCJ The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews promotes understanding between Jews and Christians and strives to build broad support for Israel and other shared concerns. Our ministry’s vision is that Jews and Christians will reverse their 2,000-year history of discord and replace it with a relationship marked by dialogue, respect, and cooperation.

Insight Today with Faye Hardin Join Faye as she concentrates on current events, and educates Christians on how to return to our Christian foundation. She brings prayer and patriotism together every week in a spirit filled, educational program.

In Touch A half hour teaching program by Dr. Charles Stanley.

i-Shine KNECT Finally there is a Christian alternative to Disney–award winning iShine Knect – the most watched Christian Tween TV show in the world! Starring The Rubyz, Mission 6, Jamie-Grace and Caroline of PureNRG. iShine artists are the students at the new performing arts school, iShine Academy. Together they explore different tween topics while living at the whacky academy.
Israel in Focus Israel in Focus is a program produced by KCHF-TV 11, serving the Christian and Jewish communities that brings news, information and discussion relating to Israel and the Middle East. This program is hosted by John Sandager, a Christian attorney, who carries on an articulate dialogue with guests from various backgrounds that shed light and understanding to the complicated subjects regarding Israel and the Middle East. Our goal with Israel in Focus is to emphasize the values we hold in common rather than emphasizing what has kept us apart.
Issues and Answers “Issues and Answers with Diane Kinderwater” is one of only a few locally produced, public affairs television programs in New Mexico. Each week “Issues and Answers” attempts to captivate audiences with areas of interest in federal, state, and local government including such topics as improving education and healthcare, preventing crime and politics. Additionally, the half hour show piques viewers’ interest with visually pleasing programs on the arts, tourism and cultural affairs.

Jentezen Franklin Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries exists to reach souls for the Kingdom and to build a connection for believers to strengthen their faith and live out their God-given purpose in this generation!

John Hagee Today Pastor Hagee is committed to change America and the world by being obedient to the Great Commission, to win the lost to Christ and to take America and the world back to the God of our Father. His hard hitting preaching and wit is what makes John Hagee, America’s preacher.

Journey Journey with Jerry Rose, teaches theologically sound, biblically based messages that offer profound insights into achieving victory in daily life. Jerry also shares practical lessons he has learned from challenges in his own life such as growing up with an inferiority complex as a teenager and his battle with cancer as an adult.

Judy Byrd’s Kitchen Join Judie Byrd as she helps you make great meals without stress. “Judie Byrd’s Kitchen” will inspire you to bring your family back to the dinner table.

Kraze TV Kraze is a talk-show that discuss real issues teens and young adult face on a daily basis.  We discuss issues such as alcohol abuse, drugs, pregnancy, sex, peer pressure, bullying and more.  With the music and entertainment segment, you get the latest news updates on music and movies.  Every show has an up and coming artist from around the country.

Life Focus Life Focus TV addresses issues we believe are close to Christ’s heart. Each program must demonstrate the impact Christianity makes in practical, everyday situations.

Lifestyle Magazine Lifestyle Magazine offers a close look at health, relationships, finances, and other real-life topics. It is informative, moving, and sometimes disturbing, but always relevant! Lifestyle Magazine provides help and hope for the challenging issues of today’s world.

Life Today with Beth Moore Founder of Living Proof Ministries, Beth Moore is a gifted Bible teacher, best-selling author and conference leader. Ever the storyteller, Beth is known to pepper her teaching with stories and poems written from the perspective of pertinent characters. She communicates with great energy, passion, humor, warmth and grace.

Life Today with James Robison Life Today welcomes guests whose stories and ministries inspire and encourage viewers, who in turn bless so many in desperate need through LIFE’s various outreaches.

Manna Fest with Perry Stone The focus of this ministry is fourfold: To win the lost to Jesus Christ in America & overseas, to teach the Body of Christ our Hebraic roots, to expose people to the anointing of the Holy Spirit through evangelism and worship crusades and to use modern technology to teach and preach the Word of God.

MXTV MXTV is the longest running evangelistic youth program (reaching ages 15-30) on TV. Ending each episode with an opportunity to respond to the Gospel for over 15 years makes MXTV distinct and unique from all other youth programming on TV or Internet.

Odyssey: Adventures in Odyssey presents exciting entertainment that brings moral and biblical principles to life. Set in the small town of Odyssey, the stories range from comedy to suspense, from romance to mystery. The show’s memorable, fun characters and situations are designed to ignite the imaginations of tweens (ages 8 to 12) — while captivating the attention of the entire family.

Origins Watch as scientists, researchers and authors share relevant facts and thought-provoking evidence supporting creation.

Palabra de Vida Disfrute del mensaje semanal directamente desde el Instituto Bíblico Palabra de Vida.

The Place for Miracles Hour with Richard & Lindsey Roberts The Place for Miracles is seen around the world, on numerous stations and satellites, as well as on the internet. This nightly show, hosted by Richard and Lindsay Roberts, features prayer, miracle testimonies, teaching from the Bible, and praise and worship.

Precepts for Life with Kay Arthur Precepts for Life, hosted by Kay Arthur, takes you through the Bible book by book, verse by verse. Kay’s warm, yet direct teaching, guides the audience with love and accountability.

Prophecy in the News In this generation, there is more anticipation for the return of Christ than ever before. It is, therefore, our purpose to help explain this phenomenon and keep it in perspective with current events.

Prophetic Connection Striving to communicate a biblical worldview of God’s plan for Israel and the church, and to be compassionate to the Jewish people by expressing our love for them in meaningful and tangible ways.

Pure Passion Pure Passion deals with sexual sin and brokenness and the issues that surround it. Each episode will cover problems such as homosexual confusion, child sexual abuse, sexual addiction, masturbation, pornography, transgendered conditions, prostitution, human trafficking, father-wounding, and much more.

Quick Study QUICK STUDY TV is a program designed and dedicated to helping viewers understand the Bible, taking them through the Word of God in one year. Join Rod, Janice and Corie Hembree for shocking discoveries through Quick Study TV.

Real Life 101 Real Life 101 introduces you to real people doing real jobs.  From doctors, lawyers and veterinarians to career counselors, drug counselors, Lipizzaner stallion trainers and special effects wizards, Real Life 101 takes you “on the job” so you can see for yourself why these professionals love what they do. Learn about jobs you might not know even existed! Join hosts Jillian, Shawn and Gracey every week as they explore new professions in the exciting world of work. It’s a half-hour of thought-provoking, eye-opening fun and entertainment!

Real Winning Edge Video profiles of student achievers overcoming life adversity, making wise choices and winning in life with the REAL Winning Edge.

Restoring God’s People Restoring God’s People is a program dedicated to preaching the Word of God, training up God’s People through sound teaching, helping those who are lost and broken come to restoration by the Miracle-Working Hands of Jesus Christ.

Returning to Our Roots with Bill Cloud Through Shoreshim Ministries, Bill and his family have launched an effort to re-introduce Christians to the Jewish Y’shua and to educate believers in the Hebraic roots of their faith. As a result of this information, disciples of the Messiah can more accurately interpret end-time events and better discern our role in these last days.

Southern Gospel Music This program is a comprehensive gathering place for Southern Gospel music fans. Beyond Southern Gospel, hear other genres of Christian music such as Bluegrass Gospel, Christian Country and others.

Stakelbeck on Terror The only show on American television devoted solely to the Islamic terrorist threat and the Middle East.

Sugar Creek Gang Based on a series of books by Paul Hutchens, The Sugar Creek Gang movies chronicle the adventures of Bill Collins, Poetry, Circus, Dragonfly, Big Jim, Little Jim, and the rest of the residents of Sugar Creek.

Today with God Hosted by Dr. Randy Weiss, Today with God is an episodic program providing clarity to the questions “Who is Jesus?” Viewers are educated and entertained as the “big picture” of God is revealed.

Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah Turning Point Television features the Bible-strong messages of Dr. Jeremiah, recorded at the Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, California. Presented in full one-hour format, the television program includes mini-series productions by Turning Point Television Studios.

TV One Life TV One Life is the kind of show that will keep you watching. It is a one minute commercial spoof, a reality segment and heartfelt ministry moment. The fast-paced nature of the show is designed for this generation, or anyone who is a little A.D.D.! Between the humor, music and unfiltered ministry, the message is clear: God can change your life!

Vida Dura

Watch Word Bible This innovative video format makes reading scripture effortless. Beautiful video scenes engage and hold your attention. Large easy-to-read Bible text comes on and off the screen in perfect harmony with the narration. Music and sound effects help capture your heart.

Way of the Master “The Way of the Master” is a new look at reality TV. Learn how to speak with your unsaved family and friends. This is real- life witnessing in action. Watch as Kirk and Ray share the gospel with teenagers, intellectuals, atheists, Moslems, Jews, Cults, backsliders, and the self-righteous. We will follow Jesus’ example by going to the highways and byways, malls and movie theaters, college campuses and local coffee houses, answering the 100 most common questions and objections of the Christian faith.

Wretched with Todd Friel Take a dollop of sarcasm, mix it in with conservative theology and voila, you have Wretched TV. Think of it this way.  Take John Stewart, remove the potty language and change all of the wordly topics to Christian.  That is Wretched.

Your Life with Dr. Anna Marie Your Life Redefined with Dr. Anna Marie is a weekly half-hour better living show, jam packed with uplifting information to help bring balance into our viewers lives! Viewers enjoy a variety of segments including a story focusing on an individual plugged into their passion in life. Other feature segments include healthy recipes and nutritional tips designed by our chef, sustainable and healthy home advice and how amazing animals are impacting the quality of some people’s lives!

Youthbytes YouthBytes uses modern-day parables to communicate the timeless truths of God’s Word. Filmed all over the world, the program features such topics as Persecution (filmed at the Roman Coliseum), Exposing the Lust of the Flesh (filmed in Las Vegas) and Revealing the Counterfeit in Our Lives (filmed in Thailand). As a church-based discipleship tool, YouthBytes is designed to help youth leaders, parents and teachers reach the teen generation with the Gospel.

700 Club The 700 Club is a live television program that airs weekdays before a studio audience from The Christian Broadcasting Network’s (CBN) broadcast facilities in Virginia Beach, Virginia.